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Back from London

Didn’t get the job in Lancaster but did get a quality rejection letter : ) “I hope you will not be too disappointed by this outcome. I would like to reiterate what was said yesterday, namely that it was a quality shortlist. This made an interesting and lively experience for the panel and it was a pleasure to meet you. We would like to wish you all the best in your job hunting and assure you that any future interest you may have in a vacancy within our area will be welcome.”

On the plus side I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted it the idea of paid work looming up is rather worrying though I suppose it has its advantages. Had a great weekend overall caught up with a few old friends. Masque of Red Death/Dropzone was good decent turn out and despite the fire alarm drama in the middle it was a nice surprise that so few people left.

The walk in London went very well indeed had almost twenty people who seemed to enjoy themselves and we got to go down the pub afterwards too.
Got a job interview for Librarian post in Lancaster tommorow. Same job I was doing more or less in Reading. Less money but Lancaster is one of my favourite places and fairly cheap to live. Not bad going since this the first job I have applied for!

Otherwise I have visited Eccles - its full of cakes and have been sidetracked into the early medieval world of Gwent and Morgannwg,

Going to be at Dropzone on Saturday!!

and also on Sunday I am doing a sinister London walk to sites of occult and gothic interest featuring mummies, ghosts, demons and decadence!!! Meet at 2.pm Sunday in British Museum courtyard cost a mere 3 of your earth pounds lasts an hour and half.

Germanic Britons?

The background to Ancient British people gets more confusing


“Some geneticists still cling to the genocide story. Research by several
genetics teams associated with University College London has
concentrated in recent years on proving the wipeout view on the basis of
similarities of male Y chromosome gene group frequency between
Frisia/north Germany and England . One of the London groups attracted
press attention in July by claiming that the close similarities were the
result of genocide followed by a social-sexual apartheid that enhanced
Anglo-Saxon reproductive success over Celtic.

Have not posted for a while. Went to Liverpool a few days ago which was fun. Had a chance to look round properly and visited the Maratime Museum. It was cool they had a good Battle of the Atlantic section.

Dropzone September 06


Gwilym 9.30

Dream disciples - velvethead

Creaming jesus - celebrity cannibalism

Rosetta stone - cimmerian

Laibach - God is god

Dead can dance - black sun

SMP -this perfect day [from out of  madness]

Joy division - shes lost control

Bowie - scary monsters


Fantasy Con update

Well it was very enjoyable. Talked breifly to Neil Gaiman and Ramsey Campbell. Had good conversations with Tim Lebbon nice guy, and various other authors like Storm Constantine. Saturday night was rather mad met and spent a lot of Time with cool Newport author Gary Greenwood and of course Mark Samuels Spent too much money stayed up tpo late. Went and hanged out in Ye Old Ship to Jersaleum where I have not been for a while.

Strange Robin Hood territory I wonder if this new series will be any good.

Met up with insane Manx Horror posse again!!!

Neil Gaiman interview was fascinatiing he talked loads especially interesting to hear about his story "The Trouble with Susan" drama. He wrote a story about Susan from Narnia books which aroused lots of controversy he was overcome with the amount of trouble it caused. Mind you I think he should have seen it coming. Never cross Lewisites without expecting trouble.

Also saw some insane short films.


Wonderful!! Plus one with a Newport psycho very funny.

Aug. 27th, 2006

Been reading a lot of medieval history this week since I got back from Sheffield. Looking at various Western martial arts especialy archery. Got a wonderful book out of library The Great Warbow - all about the longbow. Lots of good stuff here which I didn't know about the nature and development of the longbow. Lots to think about but it has distracted me from other stuff. Plus earlier in the week found out about the Welsh HOOKE a rather vicious bill - a type of hafted weapon. You can't seem to get them anymore only the rather less cool English bill.
Wooo going to British Fantasy Con!!!

Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker and Ramsey Campbell that should be interesting weekend. I have read Raymond E Feist too and that was amusing too. Anyone else going??? Go on you know you want tooo!

Right going to try and get some stuff today. Already done the washing. Next I am going tidy up office and sort out those flyers.


The latest Fortean Times has a great article on Stoat packs. Watch out THEY are coming. It has a number of examples of people who were attacked by stoats on mass and fought their way free. You will have to buy a copy to learn more.

 Stoat Packs
The stoat is notorious for its ability to 'freeze' a rabbit with its glare, its slinky, hypnotic dance and its ruthless predatory nature. However, Merrily Harpur reveals some less well-known behaviour – the triumphal capture dance, the funerary hiding of killed stoats and the swarming of huge stoat armies.

Went for long walk by Irwell with S. Found aqueduct. No Stoats!