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The Fifth Branch of Gwllinobigion

Gwilym ap Daffyd
" "Only in the garden of Avallaunius," said Lucian to himself, "is the true and exquisite science to be found."

He could imagine a man who was able to live in one sense while he pleased; to whom, for example, every impression of touch, taste, hearing, or seeing should be translated into odour; who at the desired kiss should be ravished with the scent of dark violets, to whom music should be the perfume of a rose-garden at dawn. "

I sprang fully armed from the springs of the Ebbw born aloft by Silurian naiads. I am a Chartered Librarian most recently working in Reading library by Reading Town. I too like dear Oscar, whose gaol lies but a short distance away, laboured pointlessly. As well as working in a bibliotheque on occassion I also work in a discotheque. I host the The Masque of Read Death at Dropzone, Reading, second Saturday of the month. I also played music at the Church of Madness, which is Berkshire's premiere goth night, for what that is worth since 2000 AD to 2006. Now questing for the Unholy Grail.

"A Welshman's truth is more in the nature of a curve than a straight line."
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