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Back in Swansea for the foreseeable future. So far have almost got hopelessly lost in a sinister forest and common and have gone to Sin City amongst other activities. Frustrated at all the alternative teen bashing going on at the moment. See  here

Back in reading

Tommorow for dropzone meeting at the lyndhurst if you want to see me.
Now they are playing The Cult!
Good new from America in general... not that it will change much in Iraq but it should ensure Bush doesn't attack Iran. And of course Rumsfield Mr "ground troops who needs ground troops" genius is gone too hurrah.
I think I will stay up to cheer the Democrats on...

I am surrounded by weird vampiric stuff and a very strange book on Odinism at the moment. Well not that strange... it mentions Johannes Bureus who I hadn't heard of
1) Torchwood - I told you Cardiff was full of insanity. But the show does not have enough sex, violence or aliens. If it was really scary it would be set in Newport.

2) must finsh vampire reviews.

3) dropzone on sat It has snuck up on me again.


I am a martyr to it.... I achieved little useful today. Oh well....

I am Zorro

The local young uns have taken to calling me Zorro :)

More or less recovered from excursion to Rock World on weekend. So much classic rock. It was scary! Toying with idea of doing a Manchester walk of Occult Horror Weirdness. Possibly not a good idea as it has distracted me from other stuff I was trying to do. Apparently there was a intriguing Thelemic split back in the eighties in Manchester. Not sure if there was any demonic sendings as a result though one can only hope :)

I am not Whitbying sadly but everyone enjoy themselves.